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Inspired by artists like Michael Bublé, Frank Sinatra and Elvis, OC Times breathes new life into swing standards, rock and roll classics, and country favorites.  Hailing originally from Orange County, CA, Shawn York (tenor), Sean Devine (lead), Pat Claypool (baritone) and Cory Hunt (bass) take barbershop harmony back to where it started over a century ago: pop-culture.

In 2008, OC Times won the Barbershop Harmony Society's International Quartet Championship. They have been featured in major publications such as The Wall Street JournalSaturday Evening Post and SPIN magazine. The quartet is also featured prominently in a documentary film entitled “American Harmony.”

Their first studio album, “Let’s Fly” (2007), reached critical acclaim, winning Contemporary A cappella Recording Awards for both Best Barbershop Album and Best Barbershop Song. Their sophomore album “Destinations” (2010) quickly became another award-winning fan favorite – while their highly anticipated third album “The Road” is considered their best yet – also winning Best Barbershop Album!

OC Times has toured extensively throughout the United States, headlining shows in venues such as Honolulu’s historic Hawaii Theater, Los Angeles' Disney Concert Hall and the world famous Carnegie Hall in New York City. The quartet has also toured internationally with performances in Canada, Mexico, Spain, England, Germany, Wales, The Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Russia, New Zealand, and Japan