Cavan Potee

Board Member At Large

Cavan is a professional engineer, applying his technical expertise to solve complex problems in his day-to-day work. However, his passion extends beyond his professional life into the realm of barbershop music.

In addition to his engineering career, Cavan holds a position as a Board Member at Large (BMAL) for Parkside's Board of Directors. This role allows him to contribute to the strategic direction and growth of the organization. Furthermore, he also serves as the Marketing Director for the Mid-Atlantic District in his spare time. This role enables him to leverage his skills to promote and grow the reach of barbershop music within the district.

Cavan's involvement in Parkside and the district is driven by a deep-seated desire to share the feelings of fellowship and sense of belonging that he has experienced through the shared barbershop culture. He is committed to working diligently for these organizations because he believes in the power of barbershop music to bring people together and create a strong sense of community.