Chili Cook-Off Event

Basic event info
Event date: 
Feb 9 2020 - 3:00pm to 7:00pm
Hampden Township Recreation Building Community Room
5001 Hampden Park Road
17050 Mechanicsburg , PA
United States
Pennsylvania US
Public event fields

Join the Parkside Harmony Family for our Chili Cook-Off, supporting our 2020 tours as we represent Hershey, PA in Los Angeles, CA & Killarney, Ireland! What will be there? Chili tasting, hotdogs, beverages, snacks, sweets, beer, silent auction, and singing! Just $10 - free unlimited chili tasting and 2 tickets for beer/beverages and/or hot dog in any combination (1 hotdog, 1 beer/beverage; 2 hotdogs; 2 beer/beverage). Extra tickets can be purchased for $1 each for additional hotdogs, beer/beverages, and snack items at any time. * Each attendee will be given one token to place in the numbered box of their favorite chili as their vote.

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Sign-up as a chili cook-off participant (to enter chili):


Chili Cook-Off Participant Information: 

The following rules are to be adhered to by all cook-off cooks, judges and/or assistants:

  1. True chili is defined as any kind of meat or combination of meats cooked with chili peppers, various other spices and other ingredients.
  2. The entry fee will be $10.00 per chili entered. Contestants may enter more than 1 batch of chili. There will be a cash or gift card award for first place. 
  3. All ingredients must be pre-cooked and treated prior to the event – chili is to be brought ready to eat.
  4. Contestants are responsible for supplying all of their own serving utensils and products related to their chili submission and maintenance of its proper temperature for serving. Cups, spoons, and napkins will be provided.
  5. You must bring your own large crockpot.  Each contestant must cook a minimum of four (4) quarts of competition chili. 
  6. The Chili will be judged by the public attending the event. 
  7. Each contestant is responsible for policing and cleaning up the area at the end of the day and removing all items from the area. There will not be an area for cleaning of dishes. No items shall be allowed to remain after the close of the Cook-off.

*** Competitor fee (to enter chili) should be submitted via PayPal to or [email protected] by no later than February 1st. ***

*** The contest will be capped at 15 entries ***