Parkside Harmony Delivers an Evening of Music at The Forum Auditorium


A Night Filled with Gratitude and Harmony

HARRISBURG, PA - On February 17th, Parkside Harmony hosted a spectacular show at The Forum Auditorium, and the overwhelming success of the evening has left the group filled with immense gratitude. The event brought together a diverse audience of music lovers, who joined in creating a magical atmosphere where harmony and joy reigned supreme.

The Power of Community Support

Parkside Harmony extends their heartfelt thanks to each and every individual who attended the show. The enthusiasm, support, and applause from the audience breathed life into the venue, elevating the performances and creating an unforgettable experience for all. The group is humbled by the turnout and the positive energy that radiated throughout the auditorium.

Recognizing the Efforts of Performers and Volunteers

The success of the evening would not have been possible without the incredible talent and dedication of the performers and volunteers. Parkside Harmony acknowledges the tireless efforts of:

  • Midnight Society Quartet
  • Brothers In Arms Quartet
  • Parkside Melody
  • Rule #1

These talented individuals, along with the diligent volunteers, form the backbone of Parkside Harmony. Their passion and commitment to excellence are instrumental in creating events that showcase the power and beauty of barbershop harmony.

Looking Ahead with Inspiration

As Parkside Harmony reflects on the triumph of their annual show, they are inspired to continue their mission of bringing music and joy to the community. The group is eager to build upon the success of this event and is already looking forward to future performances and initiatives that will engage and delight audiences.

A Message of Appreciation

Parkside Harmony wishes to convey their deepest appreciation to their loyal audience, whose unwavering support has been a constant source of motivation and encouragement. The group recognizes that their achievements are a testament to the strong bond they share with their community, and they are committed to nurturing this relationship through their music and outreach efforts.

As the Parkside Harmony team looks to the future, they invite their supporters to stay connected and stay tuned for upcoming events and exciting developments. Once again, they extend their heartfelt gratitude to everyone who made the evening at The Forum Auditorium an unforgettable celebration of harmony and unity.